"Error: Entry is not allowed" in Perspective

Has anyone come across this error when trying to update from a drop down?

Perspective or Vision? It looks like Vision but add the appropriate tag to your question to attract the right people.

Well... What's the entry ?

He/she says a drop down. Why didn't he show the object?

Apologies, this is in perspective. It happens sometimes when the user is trying to add a note or change the drop down.

Do you have examples of entries that cause the issue ?
Also, you said

Updating what ?

The DT_Cat from the Owner that is there to the other option of Manufacturer. I don't have any examples as I am unable to reproduce the error. I just get messages from the users that they got the error. If they are changing 5 lines, 4 will work just fine and the 5th one won't. Sometimes it's the very first line they try to change. That why I was checking to see if anyone had ever run across this error, I'm unable to duplicate it to try to resolve the issue.

Maybe it is your tag limit? Just a guess

You need to ask users for more details about the context in which the problem occurred. It's very hard to debug something that you can't reproduce...

I'll go back to my customers and request more information. Thank you, everyone.

That message doesn't look like anything we're piping out as part of the component. Is there any chance there is custom handling for the component to prevent a user from updating the value for any reason? The message and its applied coloring look like something that was put in place within the Designer; even the Component Error messages we seem to have successfully quashed were only ever the default font color.

You're right, that does look like custom error handling.

@brandy_drevs : Can you share the component's json ? maybe even the view's.

"Error: Entry is not allowed."
Don't you think it is because some entry value is out of range? or something to do with entry action?

A co-worker helped me track down the script for the "label" that is the error. Thanks all.