Error executing script for event internalFrameActivated

I have a pop-up window with an IP Camera component on it. Every time I open the window or give it focus I get the above error. The IP Camera component is working fine otherwise. Any ideas where to look to solve this? I have not made any special scripts to run on this event so it is something internal to Ignition.

That window does have an internalFrameActivated script that is causing the error. Check for the script and if you need the script post back the stack trace.

the error details are “AttributeError: ‘None’ object has no attribute 'requestFocusInWindowk”

It sounds to me like the window is trying to decide which componenet should get the focus but the only thing on the window is the IP Camera componenet which does not have the right attribute.

Right, that function exists on components like text fields to get focus once the window opens. It is something like:component.requestFocusInWindow()If you don’t need to request focus on any component just simply remove the script.

Ah, I found it. It was there because I copied the SwitchUserDialog window from the sampleproject to make my camera window. I guess this post is in the wrong area! No Ignition problem here, just user error!