Error executing script for event:internalFrameOpened

when the ignition is opened the error pop up appears as shown in photo"Error executing script for event:internalFrameOpened on component:main window". :confused: what may be the problem? how can it be resolved??Also the detail of error is given in next photo.

Hi there,

The problem is that you have a Python module that is trying to read an Ignition tag that doesn’t exist. There are a couple ways to fix this. One way is to add the tag to Ignition that the script is trying to read. Another way is to change the Python code so it doesn’t try to read that tag.


the tag already exists…i have checked it.

Impasse. You say the tag exists, the error report says the tag doesn’t exist. You are using an ancient version of Ignition that is extremely difficult for users on newer platforms to test. You really should call into support and get them to screen-share with you to figure out what is going on. Hopefully a bug in your code. Otherwise, if you’ve discovered or encountered a bug in that old, unsupported version, your only option would be to upgrade Ignition.

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