Error forwading data: a result was generated for update


I’m upgrading my Factory SQL V4.2.13 to SQL Bridge (Ignition V7.6.4).

I have a table in SQL Server that to collect data every shift (Tigger every 8 hours). Therefore the table exist and when I run de group in the transaction group to append new register, show me the next error:


Any idea?


Is this a normal table, or is it a stored procedure or updateable view? Is it just a standard group set to insert a new row?

There was once an issue as described in this thread, but Ignition now should try to set that property automatically. You may try following the suggestions there, though, and see if it helps.


Thanks Colby,

This is a normal table and just standard group.

I have reseted the values in the connection pooling options, under the connection database properties and everything is OK.

Best Regards.