ERROR: Found an unexpected leaf node

I’m getting this error, and had some other logs that look related:

AgentEdgeNode	16Jun2022 16:41:40	Found an unexpected leaf node newMetricPath=Rejeter-B_CNT_PV_DIFF and metric.getName()=Rejeter-B_CNT_PV
AgentEdgeNode	16Jun2022 16:41:40	Found UDT match: 'Rejeter-B_CNT_PV_DIFF' startswith 'Rejeter-B_CNT_PV'
AgentEdgeNode	16Jun2022 16:41:40	Building UDT Data metric - Child metric name: Rejeter-B_CNT_PV
AgentEdgeNode	16Jun2022 16:41:40	Building UDT Data metric - Child metric: Metric [name=Rejeter-B_CNT_PV, alias=null, timestamp=1655389842381, dataType=Int64, isHistorical=false, isTransient=false, metaData=MetaData [isMultiPart=null, contentType=null, size=null, seq=null, fileName=null, fileType=null, md5=null, description=null], properties=PropertySet [propertyMap={Name_EN=PropertyValue [type=String, value=Reject-B_CNT_PV, isNull=false], documentation=PropertyValue [type=String, value=Number of Rejected Objects to the A rejector, isNull=false]}], value=117613, isNull=false]
AgentEdgeNode	16Jun2022 16:41:40	Device metric is null for Device=CLW-STRUCTURED/P04/PELER and metricName=TRIEUR-OPTICQUE/Trieur-Opticque-1/Rejeter-B_CNT_PV_DIFF

I have no idea what it does or what it breaks, but the tag has a pollrate of 1 min, and this error happens every minute. I have looked to the tags that are mentioned, but I’ve got no clue what would be going wrong. Everything seems to work just fine, but I don’t like having my logs with errors every minute.

Do you have any third party modules installed? I don’t see anywhere in our code that would log those messages.

AgentEdgeNode is comming from CirrusLink MQTT Transmission. Should I pick it up with them?

Yes. They’ll engage with us (or tell you to) if it’s ultimately something coming from Ignition.

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Did you ever work out what the issue was with CirrusLink? I recently started to get this error as well.

Hi, @mgrishaber, no, we didn’t pick it up yet.

If you’re running MQTT Transmission 4.0.11, there is a bug with how it handles UDTs if you have member names that build off one another like you have with Rejeter-B_CNT_PV and Rejeter-B_CNT_PV_DIFF. This causes the errors and the warnings in the log that you’ve been seeing.

This has been corrected in MQTT Transmission 4.0.12 that was released late last week. I just finished rolling that out yesterday and it does correct the issue from what I can tell.

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Ok cool, we will test 4.0.12.