Error Handler

I have setup my project so that it automatically logs in as read-only mode using

In this state, when a user clicks on a button that writes a tag, Ignition displays it’s error message box.
I would like to, instead of the error message, display a custom form telling the use that they need to login before changes can be made.

Is there a way to intercept error messages, test for a “Gateway Comm Mode is not Read/Write” error, and display my form instead?


You can write conditional code that checks for the read/write state of the client before using a function such as system.tag.write

You can check the read/write state of the client with system.util.getConnectionMode()


if system.util.getConnectionMode() != 2:
	#display message code ...

Thanks nmudge,

As there are a lot of places where tags are written this is not a feasible option.
I was hoping there was some sort of software hook that I could use instead.

Any other ideas?