Error Icon In Tags Folder

Ignition 7.9.11, I had a lot of tags in the project and suddenly when I open the last project backup I see an Error icon in the tags folder.

How to fix it ?


Project backups don’t contain tags. Tags are global–not belonging to any project–so you need a gateway backup. Or an export of just the tags from the designer to import in the new server.

I meant a gateway backup, thanks.
I changed the name of the server before few days

Is it related ?

most likely xd
ive had this happen to, but it was jsut a new folder i made to do some tests… so if i deleted the folder everythign went fine again. it had nothign rly imporant in it. I did kinda forget why i was doing the tests tho xD or what i found out that caused the error xd
I believe restarting the gateway reseted the tags to the previous good state for me. you will have to find out why somethign went bad tho.

Go look at the status for your default tag provider.

Let me clarify: What is the default tag provider in that project? (There is no default at the gateway level, even if only one is present.)