Error importing Dataset tag with byte[] as data

Hello, below are files showing an error caused by importing tags that contain byte[] array data. I am using byte[] to store an image returned by a MSSQL query. The database table contains a column of blob datatype. I am currently using Ignition 7.9.1rc1.

As a short term solution, I manually edit the XML to remove the offending tag and all remaining tags import successfully.

If anyone needs more information, just contact me and be glad to help.

David Rojas

Why are you trying to store blob data in a tag? Normally blob data is held in a database until you need it, then you would read it using a script.

Al, Yes, blob data is stored in database and retrieved when needed. However, this question is in reference to importing/exporting tags and when a tag happens to have blob data in it at the time of export (say from a development PC) and then import (into a production server), there is an error.