Error Importing Tags with JSON

I am trying to import tags with a JSON file in V8.0.6 but get this error:
Unterminated array at line 11 column 2 path $.tags[2].tags[1]

Extract of the first 2 tags:
{“valueSource”: “opc”,“opcItemPath”: “ns\u003d1;s\u003d[31MC01]B10:0/0”,“datatype”: “Boolean”,“name”: ID_CR_HMI_ALM_ACCEPT,“tagType”: “AtomicTag”,“opcServer”: “Ignition OPC UA Server”}
{“valueSource”: “opc”,“opcItemPath”: “ns\u003d1;s\u003d[31MC01]B10:0/1”,“datatype”: “Boolean”,“name”: ID_CR_CR_SEQ_HMI_STT,“tagType”: “AtomicTag”,“opcServer”: “Ignition OPC UA Server”}

I originally exported some tags and have modified the JSON to suit the new tags. The error is at line 11 which is the second new tag.

I’m assuming we’re not seeing the entire JSON, but at the very least, you need to separate each tag with a comma.

Thanks, that was an issue. Yes, it wasn’t the full JSON.
Now its generating an Error_Exception(“Error importing tags: null”).