Error in Communicating to OPC Server

I have a problem in communicating to ABB OPC Server. I have followed the DCOM setting procedure but fedup with getting communicating to that OPC Server.
When MetrikonOPC server for simulation is used, class not registered error has been reported. Error msg attached.
Am using Ignition 7.0.10. on Windows 2003 and OPC server on other windows 2003 server.


I recommend reviewing DCOM configurations that will enable your remote connections. Depending on your current operating system, select a document from the list below:

Configuring COM/DCOM for Windows NT or 2000 … index.aspx

Configuring COM/DCOM for Windows XP or 2003 (no service packs) … index.aspx

Configuring COM/DCOM for Windows XP SP2 or 2003 SP1 … index.aspx

Let me know if you have any questions.

Wassim Daoud
Global Solutions Architect