Error in database with upload in runtime

Una disculpa antes que nada por escribir la duda en español.
Estoy trabajando con base de datos, y al actualizar el proyecto mi base de datos se sobreescribe automaticamente. este error solo pasa si guardo el el avance del proyecto y hago upload en el runtime.
espero me puedan ayudar.

I was curious enough to try Google translate–not sure if this is exactly what you meant, but maybe Google’s version will aid in getting answers:

An apology first of all for writing the doubt in Spanish.
I am working with database, and when updating the project my database is automatically overwritten. this error only happens if I save the progress of the project and upload in the runtime.
I hope you can help me.

Hopefully your English is better than my Spanish (don’t ask)!

If I understand right, you have a database connected to Ignition and when you save (and publish?) your Ignition project in Ignition Designer, something gets overwritten in the database. Is it possible you have a script or something that writes to the database that would be triggered on a client restart after update from Designer?


Also, I would definitely suggest sending in an email to - we have a few Spanish speakers on staff who can definitely help troubleshoot if you’re more comfortable in Spanish.


Thanks for answering my question. I do not publish the project, I have a window that updates the data of the database when I activate a button; the window is for updating recipe parameters and another for the names of the recipes and their sequence. it only makes the update when activating a button but when saving the project and updating it in the runtime the values ​​of the database are modified alone and this hurts me a lot.

By “database”, are you referring to SQL or something like it connected to Ignition? If so, code samples may aid people in understanding what may be happening. Or contact support as @PGriffith suggested.

Or perchance is the information that is getting changed stored in a dataset property (rather than a database)? If so, it will be overwritten with values in Designer anytime you save and publish (publish is the step that makes the update available to runtime clients). If you are storing in a dataset property, you can avoid overwriting by storing in a dataset memory tag and binding the dataset property to it.

I’ll do that, thank you very much

I’ll do that, thank you very much.