Error in gateway log

Using Perspective I keep seeing this error over and over again in the gateway logs.

Received updates for missing view instance Blast/Blast@C

@craigb Are you still seeing this issue? If so, can you provide us with more details?

What version are you using?


I still still see this error now and then, I’m on the latest nightly.

It doesn’t appear to create any problems so was just wondering what could cause it so I can fix the error, if it indeed is one.

@awalker I get a ton of these messages as well…I’m using 8.0.14. They are marked as warnings so I would assume it’s not optimal to be seeing this?

I believe this will be resolved in the 8.0.16 version.

Actually the believed fix is out in the 8.0.16 nightly as of this morning.

I got the same error, plus a similar one as well - are they related?

If I use a binding (any binding, even just a line of text) on the Time Series Chart, I get this error:

“The “series” property is not configured correctly […]. ui.ErrorBoundary: Component error caught in error boundary: undefined”

I’ve used an expression to link to a dynamic path in the custom properties:
“aggregate”: “Average”,
“path”: “[default]Tag1/Tag1 values”, <-- fake path, to protect customer data
“alias”: “Tag1 Data”

If I try to bind the path, so that the path can be Tag1 or Tag2, I get the above error.
There is no error if I bind the alias, only the path (even if, as I said, I simply bind to a static string).

Is there some sort of race condition happening in the browser?

By the way, the chart displays absolutely perfectly in spite of the error.


EDIT - just seen it has been resolved in the latest release.