Error in installation of Ignition Gateway 8.1.21 for windows

I am upgrading Ignition Gateway for version 8.1 to Ignition v 8.1.21 the latest
It runs with no error, I did the installation twice with a new download file to eliminate any possible transmission problem
Every thing looks fine but when I run the Design Launcher or Ignition Visual client launcher or perspective workstation, when they try to connect to the gateway, they all give me the same error: Error code 1: could not open c:>users/myname/.ignition/code/resources/runtime/11.0.15/jvm.cfg then all the clients do not run when trying to connect to the gateway server, Do you have an idea what it may be happening?? has any one this problem when upgrading to v 8.1.21 ?

You should contact support. No answer with a couple weekdays means no one has an answer.

Thank you, I will wait another 2 days.