Error in manual

This is not a big deal and I am not sure where this should be posted but I found an error in the manual. I discovered this because I often copy the example code from the manual so I get the syntax correct (I have a bad memory).

In the section system.file.openFile the example code is: [code]path = system.db.openFile(‘gif’)
if path != None:

do something with the file[/code]

and it should be…

[code]path = system.file.openFile(‘gif’)
if path != None:

do something with the file[/code]

Good catch! Fixed for next version.

As of 7.5.5 this error is still there.


This is still there in build and in the online help( - build

I’ve verified that it’s still there, and I’ll fix it. Won’t make it into 7.6.5-rc2, but should be in rc3. I don’t know how quickly the website picks up fixes, but it will make it there eventually. :slight_smile:

Fix is done for both 7.6.5 and 7.5.12. Thanks for the heads up.