Error in MES production equipment manager

I have followed all the installation steps from the user manual, When I drag & drop production equipment manager I am getting this error. All the modules are running, even the database is configured.

Open your MESGateway project in the designer - is there a green play button next to the production model?

Even I am facing the same problem. Since it is the upgraded version(i.e. sepasoft 3.0), The production model node is not there in the project browser.
while drag & dropping equipment manager this error pops up.

Judging from Sepasoft’s download page: Sepasoft MES Downloads | Sepasoft MES Solutions

This may be resulting from a version mismatch. The modules on their download website are tested against version 8.1.14. In the screenshot you are on 8.1.15. I would recommend staying on version 8.1.14 until Sepasoft says otherwise.

If the issue still occurs on 8.1.14 then consider contacting Sepasoft Support.

I had this same issue, using 8.1.15. Going back to 8.1.14 worked, after a reboot as well. However, the sepasoft website now says they’ve tested up to 8.1.17. Maybe they skipped 8.1.15.