Error in starting 64 bit version

Hi I installed 64bit JDK/JRE and the 64 bit version of Ignition (version 7.6.4) on Windows 10 Laptop. When I run the GCU it gives error : “A service specific error occured: 1. More help is available by typing NET HELPMSG 3547” :imp: . What does it mean and how to overcome that?

(I am tyring to create 64 version of of module by compiling them with 64 bit version of Ignition on 64 bit JDK and OS).


I changed the ignition.conf file in data folder to Files/java64/bin/java.exe as per the Ignition University video on advanced settings. But No same error persists!

Two things:

  1. assuming that is the path to where Java is actually installed on your machine, you need to remove the ‘#’ from the beginning of the line. the ‘#’ denotes a comment

  2. you do not need to compile separate 64-bit versions of modules. Java doesn’t work that way.

Thanks! I removed # from that line as per you first comment and it worked ! The 64 bit version was started!

I didn’t quite understand your second comment! You mean if I have compiled my module with SDK for a version say 7.6.4 with Ignition 32bit version 7.6.4 installed, then the same module once registered will work for 64 bit version of Ignition as well (for version 7.6.*? I need not install the 64 bit version of Ignition version 7.6.4 and recompile my module with it for the 64 bit version ? Single version will work for boteh 32 nit and 64 bit version of Ignition?

Once more thing, I am trying to create 3 versions of my module for 7.6., 7.7. and 8.1.* then can I install them with corresponding SDKs all on ONE system and maintain the versions? Or do I have to install them on 3 different machines as the GCU is only one per machine? How to handle these 3 versions of my module for 3 versions of Ignition (as per your previous comments Ignition also maintains these three version for each of its modules in market place.

Will appreciate your comments.


Yes, a single version of the module will work on both 32-bit and 64-bit systems.

As for maintaining test environments… you can either use virtual machines, or use the zip-based Ignition downloads and just make sure that only one is running at a time. You can’t run multiple gateways on the same machine.

Oh great! I was thinking I need to have separate version of my modules for 32 & 64 bit versions of Ignition.

As regards virtual machines vs I can manage to has three machines if its only one 32/64 version per system.

Just want to reconfirm which versions is Ignition maintaining for its modules (7.6, 7.7 and 8) I will maintain accordingly.

Best regards

We maintain 7.5, 7.7, and 7.8 right now. We will stop maintaining 7.5 around the middle of 2017.

When I first downloaded Ignition (when the market place was just introduced), it was version 7.6.4 on which my modules were developed. But I guess you are not maintaining 7.6. So I guess I should maintain 7.5 as well as 7.7. (7.8 sdk is moved to gubhub now I guess! Of course I should maintain that version as well but learn how to do that!). I see that you have already released version 8.2 now!. Hope SDK’s for 7.5 & 7.7 will be available in your archive for me to download.

Bye the way I have developed a new module to view remote Dash Boards from any where on any device! I will announce it shortly.


You really don’t need to bother with supporting 7.5 unless you already have existing users who are stuck on 7.5.

Ok fine. You told me that last time.

Just another thought, will it be possible for Ignition to generate the module for a different version if we send our module sources which are developed and tested by us on a particular version (e.g. in my case version 7.6.4)? After all its a matter of recompiling for you on your setup, which you already maintain. It will be easier for you to generate different versions for you rather than us.


No, we cannot compile your module for you.

You also need to prepare for the chance that modifications to your code need to be made to support and compile against different versions.