Error in Tag Binding

I have created a Vision Client Tag named as IncompleteTasks. Also, have used the lookup() function to set the background of the template based on the query. This suggestion was given to me in my previous post. Now after doing it, I was caught up with one error and warning as described below:

Warning Scenario:

I created a Vision Client Tag and selected a table from the given source. Also have mentioned the datatype as the dataset. However, when I save the program, it gives me a warning stating: “ Error Running Query

Error Scenario:

I have created a Template Parameter named Station which is a UDT. Now on the color property, I’ve applied expression using lookup() function as suggested above. Also, have used a property StationNumber from the UDT itself and got an error stating: “ Can not assign orphaned UDT instance to a component property

Can anyone suggest what should I do to resolve the issues?