Error in Tag History Configuration

Hello everyone! I have a question regarding an error that appears in the binding of the historical tag type. Let me explain a little bit the error:

I have an embedded view that has data in its custom properties that pass directly to a graph within it, what happens is that when I configure the historico to as shown in the image (It is worth mentioning that it has a mapping that can be seen in the preview) when I put that the parameter: end date has the command now(1000) to run every second, in the binding preview it marks me only 3 points and does not return any value.

However, when I put to the parameter end date the same command but with the value of zero as shown in the following image, it shows me the values.

However, as far as I understand if the now command has the value of zero, it will not be updating every second and that I will is that the value updating every second, my question is: Has anyone had something similar happen and how solved it? or How could I fix it?

I hope that anyone can help me!

Possibly it is taking more than a second to retrieve the data, so it keeps restarting? Seems odd.

The problem is that this configuration worked 4 months ago and from a week it has not allowed me to visualize the data, so I thought it was a software update but I contacted the client and they told me that they had not updated anything. (Is there another way to update the data every second?)

I hope you can help me, thank you in advance

You probably need support to look over your shoulder.

I was able to solved it but not with the now function, wich I do to fix it, a tag was placed on the end date paremeter that gives me the actual date (this tag was taken from the main session configuration), as shown in the photo.

I don’t know why it didn’t work with the past settings, but it definitely doesn’t work with the function.