Error installer nightly 8.0.5

we cannot install the nightly version of ignition 8.0.5. We get this message: “Install payload initialization failed.This is likely due to an incomplete or corrupt downloaded file”
We notice that the size of the 8.0.5 installer is 519Mo against 853Mo for the 8.0.4.
We try several downloads and W10 machines (VM/local) but lead to the same issue.

Any prblem with the Ignition-8.0.5-SNAPSHOT-windows-x64-installer.exe file?


We didn’t make an announcement regarding this error, but we’re very aware. I’m not positive if the issue has been resolved as many of us are just getting in this morning, but we’re definitely working to resolve this issue.

The newest nightly build was uploaded a couple of hours after this post was made, and should have a working Windows installer. Try re-downloading the Windows installer.

First, thank you for your answers.
I just try re downloading and unfortunately the issue still the same…

I’ve looked at our file server and verified the correct installer is there, I’m thinking this may be a caching issue. Try clearing your browser cache or using a different browser to download.

Great it works!
When I retry to download, the file was the same (518Mo) Maybe it was not already update. Now it’s ok the file is 854Mo and the install works.
Thanks again!