Error launch designer in windows 7 64 bit, with JAVA 7

The error is
JARSigningException: Could Not verify signing in resource: localhost:8080/main/system/jar/m/lauchclient.jar

How can I fixed?

This was apparently caused by a build issue with 7.6.1, which has since been fixed in 7.6.2-rc4. The safest fix is to download 7.6.2-rc4 and run the installer to update your Ignition installation. If you are feeling more brave, you can download a file and copy it into your Ignition installation following these steps:

  1. Download launchclient.jar.pack.gz from here

  2. Stop your Ignition Gateway

  3. Navigate to /lib/core/launch and replace launchclient.jar.pack.gz with the one you just downloaded.

  4. Start your Ignition Gateway. You should now be able to launch the Designer and clients from the Gateway without issues.

Sorry to bump this but thank you so much for this simple remedy…

Another fine example of the brilliance of this community driven support system. I spent wasted time in google searching this JARsigningexception issue without any real remedy (cache, java settings etc) and then finally tried here…

Silly me! it should have first port of call it seems, first result too!

Thanks again, much appreciated

I downloaded the file, and replace the old one.

But still give me an error when I try to open a client from another machine.

This time:

ValidationException: Checksum mismatch for file " launchclient.jar.pack.gz". C2B470FA != A4B589D1

Maybe try clearing your local jars? Run javaws -uninstall from the command line and relaunch the client from the gateway. BTW, I would recommend upgrading to 7.6.3, which has a proper launchclient.jar and lots of other bugfixes.