Error launching application

When trying to launch a project (F10 Publish mode) I am frequently getting this error message

Error launching application:
NoRoute ToHost Exception: No route to host:connect

Could anyone explain this and the solution to prevent it. This is running on a free trial licence (2 hour), Version 7.2.2.

This just indicates you do not have a network connection. Does the failure happen if you run a client on the server itself? Other than that you’ll have to test for typical network faults:

  • fault cable(s)
  • busy network
  • firewall (hardware or software) etc.

I am running everything on one laptop, no networking. I design and run a “client”?? side by side on the laptop. I also find when looking at the Ignition manual in IE6 that it takes about 10 seconds to “line by line” fill out the index. I’m no PC genius but is this right? The page it’s loading is on the laptop that i’m viewing it with. Does this indicate an issue ???

Yeah, I’m going to go with blaming the laptop until proven otherwise. Something seems screwy with its networking stack.

One thing that I have found with a single disconnected laptop, is that the networking is turned off.
I regularly run a virtual machine on my computer. I can’t talk to it unless my laptop is physically connected to another device :imp:

Windoze figures that I’m not connected, therefore network is not required.

OK, so I downloaded Ignition onto another laptop, installed it on a VM (win xp) and the instruction manual loads perfectly in under a second. This indicates a problem on my work laptop so I will try the IT department. It is very useful to understand these things as I have demonstrated Ignition to management at work only to see it take minutes to open a project. Thanks