Error launching application

A couple weeks ago I setup an application and had used my computer (Win 7 Pro 64, Java 7, AVG antivirus) to work against our server successfully for both Designer and runtime. Now I can’t get either to launch. I’ve already disabled the AVG Link Scanner, but this doesn’t seem to have helped. After a while I get an “Error Launching” dialog that says “Error launching application: SocketTimeoutException: Read timed out”.

I have another user that is experiencing the same issues. I have found that if I launch on a computer with Java 6 that it doesn’t hang on the download. What else could be wrong here?


It has to be the anti-virus. We have seen it quite a few times. It is scanning the download and takes a while causing our client or designer to time out. Turning it off sometimes isn’t enough. You have to stop all of the services or set it to not scan anything from javaws.exe.