Error launching application

I’m testing the “clientlauncher.exe” on the new 7.6.4 release. I have the following message by launching a project.

What does clientlauncher.log say? (You will find the log in the “clientlauncher-data” folder that was created in the same directory where the launcher executable is located.)

I’ve taken a look at the file you sent in and there seems to be nothing wrong there. Can you launch a client without using the clientlauncher.exe? You might have a firewall blocking the traffic. Is this happening on the computer that Ignition is installed on?

Yes the client jnlp works.
the clientlauncher.exe works in local network.

Are you saying that the clientlauncher.exe only fails when you are not in the network?

Can you launch a client normally from the computer that the client launcher is failing on?

It sounds like your computer does not have a connenction to the Ignition Gateway (possibly a firewall issue).

My remote server is behind a public address.
Yes I can run a jnlp client on the PC without a problem, but not with clientlauncher.exe on the same pc.
In the local network of the Ignition server jnlp and cleintlauncher.exe work well.

Do you have Ignition set to run on port 80? If not, it looks like you should be able to set your Ignition port to 80 to get this to work right.

Yes an No ! :confused:
I route my ip public port 80 on my ip pivate server ignition on port 8088.

Try adding port 80 to your client launcher gateway URL. For whatever reason, Java Web Start can resolve the gateway without requiring port 80, but the client launcher seems to need port 80 to be specified. By the way, how are requests being forwarded to your Ignition server? Is is some kind of hardware device like a load balancer?