Error Launching Applicaton

I have been using 7.8 and 7.9 into my computer and recently added Designer Launcher for 8.0.10 with new gateway.
When I load a Designer, I get this Error :


Also, I already tried clearing the cache and re-downloading the Launcher.
Any Solution?

Hi @kaushik.shah,

Is there a launch error file in the .ignition directory? how did you installer the launcher? all users or just for you? is the gateway running on the same PC your designer launcher is or somewhere else?

Jonathan C

Hi @jcoffman,
1.I installed the launcher from gateway ! And this is happening for me only (I should say there are not much users since the Projects are under development !)
2.I could not find that find that file in the given directory.
3.Nop, gateway is running on the server, I am connecting to gateway remotely !

Ok you installed it from the gateway. More specifically, when you ran the DesignerLauncherSetup.exe file did you select to install for “All Users” or “just for you”?
If the launcher failed to actually launch the client you should definitely see a launch_error file in the .ignition directory. I would reach out to our support department to help troubleshoot this.

I see this file,
I am not sure though this is the one you are talking about

launch_error_2020-04-02_16-53-23.log (15.1 KB)

Thanks !