Error launching project desktop shortcut

Just created a desktop icon for one of my Ignition project and when i launch it i get this error.
Any help ?


How did you create the desktop icon?

Can you share the execution path of the icon?

What version of Java are you using to launch? It looks like you’re using too late of a version for 7.9, which doesn’t support anything past Java 9.

I’m using Java 8

I would like to create a shortcut for a project, but despite checking the box in the client launcher, the shortcut is not created.

So I created a launcher with the command “javaws http://localhost:8088/main/system/launch/client/project_test.jnlp”.
The project launched and created a shortcut on the desktop but this error appeared.

Looks like you’re using Ubuntu.

Attached is a desktop file that should have the basics of what you need. You’ll need to edit it to the appropriate paths, but it should work with your client launcher. (363 Bytes)

Thanks for your responss, but this command only open the client launcher and not the project…

Have I done something wrong?

Make sure its set to be executable, then right-click on the file and select ‘Allow Launching’

A pretty fair tutorial is here. You’d be at Step 3. How to Add Desktop Shortcut on Ubuntu Linux.

It is already set to executable, and it’s launching but not the project.

Is my path incorrect ?

Did you also do this?

Yes, the problem is not that this shortcut does not launch, but that this shortcut does not launch the project. It launching the client launcher instead:

Sorry, just realized you’re on v9. The command line is bit different , IIRC.

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Thanks a lot ! Working with this path: ./ scope=C project=myterminal windowmode=fullscreen screen=0 show.closebutton=false

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