Error Launching Vision Client Launcher

Hi all,
I'm getting error while opening the vision client launcher as follow,Can anyone help me in resolving the issue

System specification:
OS: Windows 10
Ignition Version : 8.1.22
Thanks in Advance!

You should contact support ( This will be much easier with a live support agent. This forum isn't an official support venue.

That said, what I would do next is copy the launch command from the client launcher's logs (probably in %USERPROFILE%/.ignition somewhere) and run it in a command prompt/terminal window. That will allow you to capture the full error message, which may help identify a workaround or the Ignition bug present.

You also tagged this post as ignition80; if you are in fact using Ignition 8.0 and not 8.1, I would highly recommend updating, as you're on an unsupported, non-LTS version that's several years out of date. It's extremely plausible this is a bug that's been fixed in a later Ignition version.