Error loading resources: Project fetch failed: Error: Request failed with status code 500

New today we are having a problem with a project that is erroring when we try to load the page. We are seeing this error on multiple clients. They designer loads the project without any issues and the gateway logger has warning "HttpChannel" with a Message showing the project path. The details are showing "java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space" but I haven't found a method to recover from this. Any guidance would be greatly apprenticed.

Something about that page is overloading your gateway. Or your gateway is on the edge performance-wise, and that page pushes it over.

Give your gateway more memory (in ignition.conf), to start.

You may want to study how much memory various parts of Ignition are using, and/or pursue a frontend/backend split configuration.

Wait, is this Vision? ("page" typically means Perspective.)

You may need to set a higher max memory allowed in the project properties. Also look at your client launcher configuration to see if there is a max memory override that is preventing the project from getting the local memory it needs.

This is Perspective project.

I am working on getting access to the server and investigate the igition.conf file but haven't gotten that far yet. The application is a frontend project. The configuration has already been split into Frontend/Backend. We have other projects on this gateway and they are much smaller and work fine.

Everything Perspective does runs on the gateway. That error message can only come from the gateway. Something about that project is bogging down your frontend server.

I agree but haven't found it the source yet. I created a copy, deleted the most recent modifications and no luck... working on recovering a backup now..

Couldn't recover the backup project.

I forced a restart on the gateway and appears have solved the issue. Bit puzzling but wondering if there was power-loss issue on the network. Noticed multiple connection drops to GAN and databases.

Consider monitoring your gateway's memory usage on a regular basis--you might have something producing a slow memory leak.


Thanks for the tip. After the restarted at noon and memory trend dropped by 50%.

I will keep an eye on it.

How many Perspective clients do you normally support? (I would think 2GB is a pretty wimpy allocation for Perspective.)


Typically 2~6 depending on users logging in. I like where you are going with this. I will request server admin to increase the memory in the "ignition.conf" file.

In my experience 4GB seems the minimum to run 1-2 simple perspective clients ok. I would ask for at least 8GB if its available.

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