Error Log ReadStructuredTagsRequest, OPC Connection is good, Tags are bad

Hello all,

I read similar posts to this subject but I couldn't find the exact issue.
I have a 8.1.32 version Ignition.
I am connecting to a ControlLogix PLC with Allen-Bradley Logix Driver.
PLC shows connected under "OPC UA/Device Connections", however certain UDT tags to this PLC fails to be read by Ignition OPC UA.
When I use "OPC Quick Client", these UDTs aren't visible, other tags however can be read/write. However, these UDTs are visible in "Designer/Browse Devices"
but their value shows "Bad".

Not sure what to do in this situation, already power cycled the PLC and still didn't fix the issue. Thanks for your help in advance!

Do you see any messages like this in the logs?