Error Logging into Client

I can use the default user source to log into the gateway and designer, but when I try to log into a client using the same credentials that worked previously, I get an error in the Java console:

text.txt (23.9 KB)

I’ve tried creating a new user source, signing in with a new user, removing auto login, restarting the server the gateway is on,removing gateway/client event scripts, so far I am still getting the same error. The tags are still logging, I can look at and control everything through the designer, but I can’t get to the client.

Has anyone else encountered this error? Thanks for the help

Based on the code, it looks like something’s messed up in the license key - the client is trying to read the Vision client count out of the license, and failing to parse it as an integer. Can you direct-message me the license key of the gateway that’s failing to launch clients? EDIT: Yes, the license key was set up incorrectly.