Error Lunching Application

i have a problem once i luch a project as client i get this error massage.
“” HttpResponseException :404 :Not Found"" check attached print screen
i don’t know what is the reason.i Lunch anther project it working fine without any problem.what i should do and check to solve the problem??

Usually the cause of this is a project name has been changed, or a project has been deleted, after the client shortcut on the desktop for that project was created. Try downloading a new JNLP from the gateway and that will create a proper shortcut after the JNLP is first launched.

thanks a lot James for your fast response.
i have one master project which switching me between multi-project .just you will put ID and Password the client will enter to his own project.
in Authentication Profiles.there password ,username and project name. once the client enter correct username and password the ignition lunch it own project only.
only one of the project give me this error massage.

I tried logging in with the username “tamer” and the reason you get the error is the project that the script is trying to open is a project that doesn’t exist. The error is as following:

Downloading ""... Connect successful. Download attempt #2 for project timo failed.

There is no project in your gateway named “timo”, you’ll have to look at your code/database to see why that user is trying to access that project.