Error message JAVA

hello, I have this error message wjen I try to open the launcher !
what can I do ?
2024-02-08 16_33_05-VM_ITM_PMS - VMware Remote Console

Your workstation doesn't have enough RAM to run the designer/client given the RAM settings for them in the gateway.

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it's strange because just this morning I was able to open the supervision without any problem.
can you tell me where to change the ram size on the gateway? i've never done this before.

If you are trying to launch a designer, then you need to adjust, via the gateway config pages: Config => System => Gateway Settings => Launch Settings => Designer Memory.

If you are trying to launch a Vision client, you must configure that with a designer, and set the corresponding project property for Vision.

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I have 4.0 GB on designer memory, It's seems that this is the maximum that I can configure

The problem is that your workstation doesn't have 4GB free memory to launch the Designer, not that you need to increase how much it asks for.

If anything, you need to lower it.


U were right, I have not enough memory on my workstation but I lowred the gateway memory into to 2 GB but the problem still the same

How much memory does the workstation have, what else is running on the workstation.

If all you did was look at the total available in the workstation, that is not sufficient. It's about how much the workstation has available, and anything else that is running on the workstation can and will claim that memory.

We try to keep about twice the amount that will be claimed by Ignition available on our workstations. So for instance in your case, if you need 2 GB for Ignition, the the workstation should have at least 4GB, if not more depending on what the workstation is trying to do in addition to run an Ignition Designer.