Error message when group starts

When I start a group I get this error message about 20 times, then after that it works without any problems.

Group Execution Error
Error executing item NextTestOutNumber: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

This group looks at a table on the SQL server and looks at the last “test out” number recorded. When a machine is started for non-processes mode, basically to test it, I automatically assign a test out number. FSQL looks at the last number, adds 1 to it, and then sends the resulting number to the PLC. It functions perfectly during normal operation. It’s just when I start the group that I get error messages, and they just stop coming after a few seconds.

I can give more detail of how the group functions if you need.

Ah! Never mind, I had an action item set to ignore the group trigger. I disabled that and it’s fine now.