[Error] Module Manager Error on script environment initialization

Dear all,
I have developed some custom modules and loaded them in a 8.0.7 gateway instance.
Every time the gateway service restarts, I get the following Module Manager Error in the gateway logs:

Module xyz failed to initialize script environment.

After that, I need to restart all the custom modules manually.
Where am I wrong? Are there some workarounds to avoid that behaviour?

Thanks a lot.

One of the parameters your GatewayHook class is passing to addScriptModule is probably null. obj maybe?

Yeah, you are right!
The addScriptModule method receives a null object instance as input parameter, because that object (i.e. the “real” module class) is created in the startup method of the GatweayHook class, whereas the initializeScriptManager is called before the startup phase.

Where is it better to create the obj object? Maybe in the setup (the class needs the gateway context in its constructor method)?


initializeScriptManager is called after setup.

It’s common for these script objects to need the GatewayContext, so you can store it in a field in your hook during the setup call and then reference it during initializeScriptManager or create the object during setup instead.

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Thank you very much for your clarifications, Kevin!