Error occurred while loading tag information

I keep getting this same error repeating at random intervals between 5 and 50 minutes.
I’m not sure where to start.
Any help appreciated.

[attachment=0]Tag Error.jpg[/attachment]

I’m still getting heaps of these errors. Can anyone tell me what they mean?
I understand what a deadlock is, but how to I work out what the tag is, or what information is being lost?

Since you screen-shot it instead of copying & pasting, we can’t see what might have deadlocked. But it’s a deadlock while trying to query tag history. For a client or designer, since it’s inside an http session. Might be something bogging down your SQL Server. Your DB should be able to log your queries to show the problem.

Thanks pturmel,
Knowing that it’s in a client and a history query is a great help. I think I know where the problem might be now.