Error on window load when dropdown contains > 9999 rows

When I open a particular window in Ignition I get the error “Error setting dropdown data for dropdown ‘ddPackageID’; Illegal dropdown dataset: no columns.” I tried deleting the dropdown and recreating it and I get the error still. If I limit the dataset to SELECT TOP 9999 records, then I don’t get the error on load anymore. If I ignore the error when the window opens, everything seems to work just fine and the dropdown contains all 17,000 rows.

Not to sound critical, but this seems like a higher level design problem than not being able to load > 9999 rows. The operators are probably going to hate scrolling through more than 9999 records too. Is there any way you can force the user to filter this data so the result set is smaller?

I cannot seem to reproduce this - I just filled up a dropdown with 11,000 values and it seemed fine. What are the column types of this dataset?

Integer and String like this:

18845 G-120811Z-KWS
18844 G-120711E-PAL
18843 G-120711U-PAL
18842 G-120711V-PAL
18841 G-120711D-PAL

hmm, so was mine. What version are you running?

We are running 7.3.2 I have attached sample window.
test.vwin (3.45 KB)

Thanks, I was able to track this down, it had to do with the serialization system. It has been fixed for 7.3.3.