[Error] OPC Connection fault at first startup

Hello again, Sirs.

I’m facing, again, with a problem: the OPC Connection.

At the first start of the PC, sometimes, the OPC connections returns a fault. If we restart the PC, or if we restart the gateway from the utility, it starts to work normally.

We’re using Windows 10 IOT (if can help).

Here are some pics of the error.


Thanks, again.

Is that the local/loopback OPC UA connection or a connection to a remote server?

Can you call support and provide them with your log export? Letting them take a look while the connection was faulted would also be helpful.

Hi Kevin,
it’s the local OPC UA connection (the default from ignition).

I’ve tried to write to the support 5 days ago, for another issue, but i didn’t receive an answer.

They may have a high volume of emails and calls. Calls always take priority, so if you can call in you’ll get more immediate attention.