Error or Warning Box Minimize in Full Screen Mode

I have some clients that run in full screen mode (operator cannot get to the underlying desktop). If an error/warning box pops up (primarily on a non-touchscreen client), it is possible to minimize the pop-up. Since the error/warning boxes appear to be modal (as they should be) at least for the main window, if the error pop-up is minimized (no longer visible in full screen mode), the client is basically hung for the operator.

My suggestion is to have some global property setting for a client that disables the minimize button on all Error/Warning Pop-up boxes, if this is possible. However, if I’m missing something obvious, please let me know.

I’m using Debian Linux clients with Java 7.

What do you mean the client is hung for the operator?

What kind of error message box are they receiving?

I talked to the developer and there isn’t a way to disable the error minimize button. I think the best way to approach this is finding out what is causing the error and then fixing it. But this may be easier said than done without knowing what the error message is.

By hung, I mean that the open window does not respond to anything awaiting action/closure of the error/warning box; however, the error box has been minimized so that it is no longer accessible. About the only option at that point is to re-start the client (and try to duplicate the error condition to fix it).

I presume the fact that the minimize button cannot be removed is a Java restriction. For project generated warning/error boxes, I suppose I can build my own pop-up boxes. For system generated warnings/errors it’s more problematic, since I can’t control them other than attempting to make sure they don’t occur.

While this is not a severe problem, longer-term this needs to be addressed regarding full-screen clients. Not sure what else to suggest at this point, however.

There shouldn’t be anything waiting on an error message unless you are using the system.gui.errorBox() function in a script. I recommend against using that in a way the will halt your script.

You can always check on your error (when it is minimized) by going to the client’s console under ‘Help -> Diagnostics’ in the menu bar and clicking on the Console tab.