Error Overlay in perspective session

Is there any way to stop these error overlays showing up in perspective sessions?

Thank you.

Shouldn’t the question be “why am I receiving errors writing to tags?”

Is there a reason that you want to hide this info from the operator letting them know that their write didn’t go through?

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Yeah I understand why I am getting these errors. We have two different types of machines which has different tag names (One is a diesel and the other one is an electric. So there is no engine warmup temperature on the electric machine) and depending on which machine the user decides to see, I have it set to display different pages under a flex container.
I have a onstartup script which makes the text field value same as the label value. I didn’t realize the script was going to run if the page display is off.
Hence I am getting an error from the page which is not displayed.
This is why I want to hide these errors.

I believe it started showing up in this 8.1.5 Update.
Thank you.