Error parsing value. Data type: Float4, value: false

We have at least 200 tags currently polling at 5,000ms, and we’ve noticed them recently timing out. We’re trying to look into slowing down some of the tags to reduce it and I noticed this (screenshot) on the logs.
What does this error mean? Is this related to the time out?

So far restarting the service had helped us but what else can we do to stabilize the tags?

When I check the data integrity I mostly see 500 and 0

Stale - 500 - The tag has not been evaluated within the expected time frame. There is likely a deeper problem with the tag provider.

OPC_Bad_Data - 0 - The data is not reliable, further data isn’t available.

Is there anything we can adjust on the gateway?

That error doesn’t look related to timeouts/performance. What Ignition version is this, and are you already in contact with support?

Ign 8.0.2 and no not yet

That’s a very old version. I’d definitely suggest upgrading, at least within the 8.0 line (free); there are a huge number of bugs fixed since that release.

Okay, noted. Thank you.