Error popup box

Can you set a param to disable the error box to popup?


Are you talking about the client or the designer? If the client what is the error that pops up? Usually errors are represented as an overlay and not an error box.


In runtime I have an error, in a popup box, that a write that i do in a timed event failed.
But I want this box to be in the background and not in front of the runtime.


If the popup is being generated by a script, then you can put the error handling in the script.

    # perform some task that may raise an exception
except Exception, value:
    # perform some exception handling, `value` contains the exception information
    # do something even if there was an exception, the finally clause is optional.

Is it when you call system.tag.writeToTag?

Yes it was but I resolve my problem, I think ,by usin a client tag instead of a DB Tags the write doesn’t give me any error anymore.

Ok, you could have just added the suppress errors parameter to the system.tag.writeToTag function:system.tag.writeToTag("Path/To/Tag", value, 1)