Error reading path '*.name' in system.tag.exists

In Ignition 8.1.21, I run the following function to find out if a tag has alarms defined:


This works fine, it returns 'true' as expected, but in the logs I get this error:

Error reading path '[default]_testIsemaren/test/'

Is there another way to check if a tag has alarms defined?

Best Regards.

system.tag.exists works, under the hood, by reading the .Name property and checking if the return quality is Bad_NotFound. You could simply the Alarm subfolder and check it's return quality yourself to do the same check and avoid the warning in the logs.

"Alarms" is not a folder, it is the property that contains the alarms defined in a tag.


I have found this way to check if a tag has alarms defined without getting the error in the logs:


If there are no alarms defined in a tag, there will be no property inside "Alarms".

Best Regards.