Error reading some addresses disappears if I rename the device


One of my TCP Modbus devices named AGR_1 has tags in addresses from 124 to 137 in WORDS memory. Some days ago, tags attached to addresses 126, 127, … 137 has quality Unknown.

In the QuickClient of the gateway, I have subscribed to addresses and I can read addresses 124 and 125. But any of the other addresses (126, 127, …) says
“[Uncertain_InitValue] The value is an initial value for a variable that normally receives its value from another variable”.

If I rename the Device I can read all the addresses correctly. But if I turn to the AGR_1 name I have the same problem. I have tried to delete the Device and re-create it and I have the same problem. I have restarted gateway, modubles, clients, PC, …

I have 100 similar devices working correctly. In fact, this device was working correctly until few days ago. Offtopic I’m very happy with Ignition :slight_smile: Offtopic

What more can I check?


IIRC, there are some circumstances (Bug!) where the OPC server itself caches bad metadata for a devicename/address combination. Restarting the device isn’t enough. Either restart the OPC/UA module or the entire gateway.

Thank you for the response! But yes, as I said in my message, I restarted the module (OPC/UA), the gateway and the PC where the gateway is running.