Error retrieving tag property model

I got an error while adding tag to the designer.


Look in the gateway to see if there’s a more detailed error to go with that.

I could only get this one.

Nothing in Logs page, are you sure?

I could see Tag Provider Stopped but not sure what the issue with.

Is it due to the difference in the version of the designer.
This one is for the running Ignition.

This one is for the Ignition that has the error.

Your designer probably had the provider in view and trying to add a tag for a none existing provider retrieves the exception.

I do not have any other Tag Providers Configured.

Your screenshot suggests a corrupted internal database with that “newProvider”. You’ll need help from support to clean it up.

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Hi Akrit,
I have same issue. did you end up fixing it? any information about it would be a great help.