Error Running Query

In groups table1 (name) ,checked automatically create table.
Then I save and enable and it gives error message Select*From table1
Table “test2.table1 doesn’t exist”.

Any help would be appreciated.

It looks like you database name is ‘test2’, is that right?

Yes test2 is the database name.

Okay, what sort of things do you have the group doing?

It is a standard transaction group.
No triggers .
Update rate 3 seconds. OPC>DB.
No options.

Dumb question, but what permissions does the user you have the DB mapped as possess?(That user needs create and alter permissions to ‘Automatically Create Table’)


It sounds like Ignition is inferring the “schema” name, and perhaps it’s working correctly in order to check the table, but then not when it tries to write to it.

What database system are you using? Does the table actually exist (can you see it if you go to Ignition’s query browser)? I suspect the solution will be to find the full path for the table and put that in the group’s “table name”. For example, the full path on SQL Server might be “dbo.test2.table1”. Problems like this tend to come up with the database owner is different, though, so if you are are using SQL Server, it may be that it should be something other than “dbo”.


I was the problem. Just not sure how. I deleted database and table and recreated and it works now.

Thanks for the replies.

Great. Sounds like the “database owner” might have been set to something unexpected the first time you created it.