Error Sending Email In 7.4


I was able to send an Email in 7.3.3 but since upgrading to 7.4 I get the error “mismatched input ‘from’ expecting RPAREN” when I try to send it. I was able to replicate the same error with the sample send email code from the manual. Attached is a screen shot of the error



I will have to figure out why that doesn’t work. In the meantime do this:body = "<HTML><BODY><H1>This is a big header</H1>And this text is <font color='red'>red</font></BODY></HTML>" recipients = ["", "", "", ""] myuser = "mycompany" mypass = "1234""", "", "Here is the email!", body, 1, recipients, username=myuser, password=mypass)

Hi Travis

Thanks for help. Working ok now