Error Sending Post Request

Hi, I am trying to execute a post request( sending files using rest API). I see that when I execute the request from localhost it's giving me a status code of 200 where as when I execute the same code from another system's Localhost i am getting 502 bad gateway error. May I know what difference the two localhost gateway could have. They're of the same versions.
I am using httplib module to perform the post request.


It's probably something unique to your network, like a misconfigured proxy or firewall or some other network appliance in the middle. You'll probably need to work with your IT department.

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I've both the ignition gateway installed in my personal laptop and official laptop.

This. Something is blocking the traffic on one machine. Typically an IT-enforced firewall or security proxy.

Hi @pturmel , I see that when i am sending a file below 50kb ,the request gives a success status 200 , where as if it's above 50kb it's giving a 502.

Then something along the way, or the target server, doesn't like posts that large. :man_shrugging:

You need to be looking at logging on the other end of this connection.

I assumed it to be the target server's issue, but then when i try it from another laptop where I've the same version of ignition installed. I am able to send the same file from there and it's 200 again. :smiling_face_with_tear:

You really need to talk to your IT group.

okay @pturmel thank you