Error setting property to '0.0' for binding on Moving Analog Indicator processValue property

I have a Moving Analog Indicator and I keep getting the following error, can anyone help me understand why?

"Error setting property to '0.0' for binding on BR_ANALOG_INDICATOR.BR_ANALOG_INDICATOR.Moving Analog Indicator.processValue"

BR_ANALOG_INDICATOR is a template witha Moving Analog Indicator, whose processValue is bound via Property to Internal Template Property Value(Float).
I bind the Internal Template Property "Value" via Indirect Tag binding to {1}{2}/VALUE.value which is meant to grab the subproperty value from the tag "VALUE" (Float OPCUA Tag) whose tag path is provided through {1}{2} and passed in through Template Properties.

Only ever get the error in the designer, have yet to see it on the client. But it is everytime I switch designer tabs onto a window that uses BR_ANALOG_INDICATOR. If the tag that eventually feeds processValue is anything but 0 this error does not occur. Also will get this same error if any of the tags bound to LOW/HIGH Alarms on the Moving Analog Indicator go to 0.

Hi @Evan_Pautz, it's hard to say what is going on here without doing further troubleshooting, so I recommend you reach out to our support department. They will be best equipped to help you handle this issue. You can open a ticket from