Error - Temp File

When I launch Ignition Design I get an error:

“Error Launching Application”
“IOException: Unable to delete directory”

I click Retry, but problem persists.

Any suggestions or help is much appreciated.


Have you tried manually deleting the specified directory, in Windows Explorer? There may be some other program (antivirus?) holding onto a file inside the directory and preventing the designer from removing it.

Yes, I can delete the directory via Explorer. I noticed that the error pops up while the folder still has the ‘’ file in it, then after 3-5 seconds the file is deleted. But the error already has occurred. The Resource.lck is still present also.
I disabled Anti-Virus and I am running as Admin. Any other thoughts?
Anyway to have Designer ignore the deletion of this folder?

@JayC Is there a launch error log in the .ignition directory?

Yes, it fails on the BootstrapUtilities.deleteDirectory command.
launch_error_2020-03-30_00-44-28.log (57.2 KB)