Error toggling a bit

I am working with a benshaw mxde3 module, and having some issues.
I can read all values just fine, but having issues writing.
The control values are all bits, and from the research I have do, this device does not support “MaskWriteRegister” therefore I cannot easily modify any bits.

I did find an old post from 2010, that had a script to do the job (, and I can now toggle bit values.

But when I toggle a bit, i get the following error.

even though it has successfully written the info.

Are there any errors in the Ignition gateway logs?

I get these 2 entries in the log everytime.

Looks like even though the device is accepting the write it’s not responding to the request, either at all, or in time. You could maybe use Wireshark to verify that this is what’s happening but there’s not much you can do on the Ignition side about it.

Thank you!