Error uploading back-up in differents machines

We have several ignition servers v7.6 located in RHEL5 64 machines, and we need to move from one folder to a new folder, where a new ignition server v7.7 with java 8 will be installed. The problem is that when you upload the back-up file to the server with the new folder, Ignition server crash.
Is there any way to change the folders inside of the .gwbk file?
Thank you,

When you say “we need to move from one folder to a new folder”, what exactly do you mean here? Are you trying to install 7.7 on the same machine that 7.6 is installed on? Also, what kind of installation (installed from .zip or installed from .run file)? Also, you say that the Ignition server crashed. Is there anything interesting in wrapper.log? This file is located in either /logs or in /var/log/ignition, depending on whether you used a .zip install or a .run install.

When i said to move is to apply one backup in a different machine with a different ignition folder installation.
The ignition v7.7 is working good in the new machine, but when you upload the back up, ignition crash. And i think this is because the folders of ignition are differents.
I will make a snapshot of the wraper.log